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              paper cardboard folder gluer

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              All-in-one inspection machine for folder gluer
              All-in-one inspection  machine for folder gluer
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              2. Features
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                                  FEEDING UNIT                                                                                                                          


              Independent motor for drive, frequency inverter for adjusting speed, 

              coordinating in proportion with main motor speed,

               to efficiently control the paper space. 

              Pneumatic raising or falling for the feeding paper gauge holder and left/right side gauge, 

              convenient for prompt regulation.

              The vibration motor mounted on paper supporting holder for feeding paper smoothly.

                        FOLDING-BACK UNIT                                                                                                                         


              Longer three-board type, 

              the first folding line with 180°and the third folding line with 135°, 

              easy open box.

               Segment type upper board with special design is able to regulate 

              in expansion and contraction, 

              assistant for special shape box.

                      HOOKING BOTTOM UNIT                                                                                                                     


              3 boards type conveying construction, 

              segment type upper board function, 

              flexible for special shape box converting. 

              Provision for mounting the future independent rear-hook parts

                                GLUING UNIT                                                                                                                               


              Each mechanical gluing tanks are placed in left/right sides, 

              easy disassembly and maintain,

               optional cold glue system for bottom-hooked or special shape or small box.

                               FOLDING UNIT                                                                                                                            


              Independent frame and fixed folding bar for stable forming box. 

              Left/right folding belt is separately fine adjustable for belt speed,

               improving the folding accuracy. 

              Special belt expansion function for convenient belt adjustment, 

              no necessary to increase the belt tension again.



              Single and easy operation for upper/down expansion adjustment, 

              left/right twin board moveable for piling belt is fine adjustable on height according to pile demand, 

              improving the production efficiency. 

              Conveying belt coordinate with main motor at AUTO model,

               equipped with counter and ejector.

                  INSPECTION UNIT(OPTIONAL)                                                                                                          



              Paste box and inspect quality at the same time, increasing qualified rate of delivery and shortening process flow.

              Feed paper with the printing surface facing down, to avoid the second time scratch.

              Easy to install and connect to existing folder gluer machine without any modification, or used as inspection machine alone.

              Inspect both the front and back sides for printing defects, die-cutting devaluation, drug code and etc comprehensively.

              Designed with intelligence, it only takes 2 hours for the operator to fully control the inspection system.

              It takes only 5 minutes to create a new job.

              Inspect with stability to make machine vision extremely close to human eyes, efficiently avoiding the waste and saving cost.

              The light-duty type mechanism design, with brand-new light-weght transmission structure ,synchronized with the bottom-belt main transmission for drive of upper belt,ensures to convey the paper board smooth and stable at engery saving ,lower noise and few downtime.

              The frency converter for motor control,automatic adjusting speed and saving power.

              Double -screw bars for adjustment (motor adjustment as optionla)

              Thicker multi-belts coordinated with motor viberation in feeder for continuous and accurate feeding paper.

              Unique 3 bars type for pre-folding ensure more accurate feeding paper and make it possible to convert 6 corners boxes.

              The light -weight design of bottom -conveying belts driving upper belt,makes the belt worn-out to the minimum.

              Two assembly of upper and bottom gluing tanks are automatically adjustable up and down, in corss direction adjustment via screw bars (spraying glue device as optional)

              Human-computer interface and PC operating system , remte diagnosis system (optional) ,and remote operating system, photoelectric counter, automatic kick-off paper device and spraying mark unit.

              Conveyor table made of special materials ,air pressure adjustment,equipped with sponge strip.

              Capable for producing 2 folding,4-folding with lock bottomand laminated boxes (optional for 4 corners and 6 corners functions).

              Photoelectricity counter and automatic kick-off device( mark spraying unit as optional)

              Machine suits to convert various odd boxes



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