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              corrugate cardboard folder gluer

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              YCN-1100/1200(Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅳ) High-speed fully automatic folder gluer
              YCN-1100/1200(Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅳ) High-speed fully automatic folder gluer
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                       PAPER-FEEDING SECTION                                                                                                               


              Separate adjustment of paper-feeding belt device makes the changing-belts to be more convenient., independant vibrating motor device sufficiently raises the quality of paper-feeding .The whole adjustment of reamer together with the baffle shortens the time of adjusting and box exchanging.



              The lengthening design ensures both the left and right folding belt can assort each kind of angle idler pulley to make accurate adjustments, so to meet the requirement of different material and different boxes sizes. The independent motors drive the left/right side turning-belts, the running speed of turning-belts are adjustable via operating the digital display, this sufficiently reduces the “trumpet mouth” of paper box.



              Convenient adjustment of pressure trustworthy paper pressure by pressing tightly and firmly improves the pasting quality. Equipped with machinery-counting device for the counting convenience and the decreasing the long-term maintenance cost.

                               GLUING SECTION                                                                                                                       


              Upper paste tank adopts the structure with 2-sets mechanical gluing rollers,

               the accurate adjustment is capable to carry out via adjustment of either left side and right side or upside and downsideThe setting and remove of lower paste tank is convenient for the operator to clean all parts of the tank. 



                Independent positioning unit, with one-side of feeding section as basic, so to fold box stable.

                             4&6 POINTS HOOKS                                                                                                                     


              The bottom-lock adjusting mechanism drive via powerful servo control system, 

              cooperated with machine link-service under control of photoelectric sensor, 

              make every box to be carry on the front/back locking-bottom, 

              so to achieve the high-precise and high-efficiency for 4-,6-corners box, 

               ideal design and easier operation, max. speed up to 30,000boxs/hour.

                          INTELLIGENT SYSTEM                                                                                                                  



                      The whole machine is controlled by industrial Computer, drives via multi-servo motors through control of FPGA card, comprise the excellent system for machine running accuracy and efficiency. Optional memory store system, which enable to recall the relative parameters from last production data, and pre-set new production parameters if need, then start to produce immediately, this is greatly helpful for a new job change-over, shorten the start-up time and improve the production efficiency. Optional special figure memory system, just simply order the request box pattern from box shape menu on PC interface, and input the related size data, all data will store in HD and will carry out the automatic adjusting program to every unit, after these data is processed automatically by PC and transferred to the central control unit, this means operator could directly start to produce, but unnecessary more time on re-adjusting machine, or make slight modification via re-call memory text.  

              True control

              Whatever type of corrugated board or litho-laminated boxes you produce, maintaining control during folding is essential for high productivity and a quality finished product. YCN1200 has been designed to give box makers exactly that control.

              Superb quality comes thanks to a number of innovations: advanced feeding that ensures precise folding; accurate pre-breaking which delivers high performance machine-erect and shelf ready packaging; and a folding process that minimizes fishtailing and gap.

              All BOBST folder-gluers have a reputation for performance and the machine is no exception. Fast running and quick setting, especially on crash-lock and 4/6 corner boxes, this machine delivers outstanding productivity.  And yet, with direct but very safe operator access, it is easier than ever to operate.

              The machine also features highly robust construction, world-leading modular process technology, and access to the latest quality assurance systems - including video monitoring and automatic ejection.

              Whatever your customers require - short runs, long runs, or a mixture of the two - YCN1200 gives you the control you need to deliver.



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